Disinformation’s Impact on Democracy and the Role of the Press

In December 2018, students from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki joined CSIS to explore disinformation’s impact on democracy and what the press can do amid the era of fake news.

In addition to working with the center's iDeas Lab, students worked with CSIS’s Transnational Threats Project, which assesses the threat and evolution of terrorist, insurgent, and criminal networks. It also examines the impact of government policy responses and produces analysis for policymakers, intelligence analysts, corporate executives, and leaders seeking to understand, prevent, and thwart transnational threats.

Russian Influence in Foreign Elections

In August 2018, students from Texas Christian University joined CSIS to explore Russia’s influence on elections and democracy around the world.

In addition to working with the center's iDeas Lab, students worked with CSIS’s Europe Program, which produces forward-looking analyses on transatlantic relations, the process of European integration, and political developments in individual countries across Europe. It also examines critical issues on international security and the geopolitics of Europe, NATO, Russia, Eurasia, and the Arctic.

Trade and the Fallout from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

In June 2018, students from Tulane University reported on the effects the United States’ decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership has had on global trade.

In addition to working with the center's iDeas Lab, students worked with one of CSIS’s top trade experts Scott Miller, senior advisor with the Abishire-Inamori Leadership Academy and former Scholl Chair. The Scholl Chair in International Business examines critical issues in international trade, governance, competitiveness, and how to meet the challenges of a changing world economy.

Human Rights and the Rohingya

In January 2018, students from Syracuse University joined CSIS to explore the human rights challenges journalists face when reporting in conflict-ridden environments.

Syracuse University Agenda
January 8-12, 2018

In addition to working with the center's iDeas Lab, students worked with the Human Rights Initiative at CSIS, which conducts research on global human rights issues, with a focus on generating concrete, evidence-based policy solutions. Its four areas of emphasis include: addressing closing space for civil society, building constituencies for justice and accountability, ensuring rights and protections for vulnerable populations, and developing human rights-based strategies for countering violent extremism.