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Welcome to the CSIS Journalism Bootcamp, an initiative that connects rising journalists with policy experts and multimedia producers to tell pressing stories from around the globe. Each year, four universities are invited to bring a select group of students to the nation’s capital to complete an intensive week of workshops that allow them to gain a meaningful understanding of global issues and the nuances of international reporting in an evolving media landscape.

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CSIS is a nonprofit, bipartisan think tank focusing on all aspects of U.S. foreign policy. Through its research, policy recommendations, and programming, the center seeks to provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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What are they saying?

“Throughout the course of this week, I found myself realizing, bit by bit, that a positive work environment, filled with passionate people who are extremely knowledgeable, is absolutely crucial to success. I hope to create such collaborative environments at my school and wherever I end up in life (maybe…hopefully?…at CSIS!).”

Paige Montfort, Tulane University, June 2018

“One big thing I learned from this practicum is that infographics and data visualizations should have a functional purpose and serve the words. For a piece to simply look pretty won’t help you deliver your message to audiences.”

Anran Yu, Student, Syracuse University, Student, Syracuse University Jan 2018

“The CSIS Journalism Practicum Program was an eloquent introduction to the struggles that journalists encounter everyday to keep us informed and the intricate process of producing quality news with an amazing team for support every step of the way. This experience is unparalleled.”

Rainea Cumberbatch, Student, Syracuse University, Jan 2018